I am pleased to introduce my project WINE BCN, which was created from great passion to Catalan wines. As a wine broker I represent carefully selected Catalan vineyards in the Polish market. I cooperate directly with local winemakers who have a wide offer of premium wines offered in attractive price range and from limited production.

My daily contact with vineyard owners and knowledge of both markets guarantee flexibility in the selection of high quality wines, a unique offer in the Polish market and close cooperation, which allows full adaptation to customer needs.

The Vineyards with which I work are characterized by respect to nature and soil where the vine is cultivated and by people who make their personal and organic wines elaborated mostly from local grape varieties.

I have prepared an offer of unique wines, which describes in the most interesting way the “terroir” of each 12 Catalan wine regions and allows us to discover hidden stories locked in the bottles.


Why Catalonia?

Our Catalan wine offer consists of 12 diverse appellations of origin around Barcelona. Catalonia provides us with a great variety of high quality wines which are gaining international recognition and appreciation by consumers.

These 12 appellation of origin are 12 different words shaped by local grapes, climate, variety of soils, a capricious orography, with influence of the Pyrenees from one side and Mediterranean breeze from the other, intense sun and the most important, created with passion of people who love what they do.

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