La Vinyeta

La Vinyeta vineyard is located in the heart of Alt Empordà region, near the small village called Mollet de Peralada. It is a unique place due to its proximity to the Pyrenees and the typical for this region of Catalonia wind tramuntana. La Vinyeta is a young and family owned business run by Josep Serra – owner and winemaker who created one of the most interesting and exciting projects in the empordà appellation. The origin of this project dates back to 2002 when were purchased 2 hectares of cariñena and garnacha vineyards aged between 55 – 80 years. From that moment more vines were planted and the project was consolidated in 2006 when construction of the winery was completed. Today La Vinyeta owns 30 hectares of integrated cultivation and the modern winery, which unifies traditions of the empordà wine region with modern technologies and environment friendly production. It is important to mention that the winery in 2009 was the first in the region that was certified for integrated production. La Vinyeta offers a wide range of wines that perfectly express its Ampurdanés character and the touch of tramontana.

Heus, Llavors and Punt i apart are examples of the names and the labels of exceptional wines, which are an inseparable part of the histories locked in the bottles. La Vinyeta offers limited selection of Microvins from the oldest vineyards. Further in the vineyard portfolio we can discover fantastic sweet wines that surprise with its freshness and new interpretations of traditional Ampurdanés wines.

La Vinyeta is an innovative project that lives in harmony with the environment, so we should not be surprised when we find hens sitting under the centuries-old olive trees, from which is produced a delicious Arbequina oil. Obviously the eggs can also be bought in the cellar!

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