Orto Vins

Orto Vins is one of the most interesting projects recently created in the Montsant appellation. Four great winemakers from Masroig – Joan Asens, Jordi Beltran, Josep M. Beltran and Josep M. Jové decided in 2008 to return to their family roots. They started a limited production of quality wines based on local grapes varieties from parcels which belong to their families since generations. We are talking about vines, which the oldest one is dated back to 1870! Respecting family traditions, the priority has been given to organic growth and to maintain the biodiversity of environment. Many years of experience gained among others by Joan Asens – alongside the Alvaro Palacios, has allowed to create a unique project and excellent wines that reflects the diversity of Montsant appellation. Orto Vins is the essence of tradition, quality and dedication of many generations. Meaning of the word Orto is very important to understand the philosophy of the winemakers from Orto Vins. Orto first determines the moment when the sun rises up and appears on the horizon. This is the moment when most of the work has to be done in vineyard following biodynamic cycle. Orto from Greek means that something is correct and such importance is attributed to the wines of the Orto Vins, which are the wines of high quality, properly created, perfectly extracting the aromas of grapes and terroir.

The winemakers from Orto Vins elaborate 13 wines which are divided into 2 selections. Orto’s selection represents 9 wines which are characterized by the fact that they are made up from the grapes proceeding from the four winemakers of the Orto Vins project. The Orto Singular Selection is a special, limited selection of 4 wines from the best parcels. Each wine represents one of the family-owned privileged plots which belongs since generations to each of the four winemakers. These are a monovarietal wines (carinyena, ull de llebre, garnatx peluda, picapoll negre), which express unique character of each terroir and remarkable aromas of local grapes varieties. All Orto Vins wines received more than 90 points from Robert Parker’s.

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