Art & Wine

Unique project aimed to create a special link between Catalan art and wines from the Clos Galena vineyard. Cooperating with famous Catalan artists such as Mónica Castanys, Didier Lourenço and Josep Ramón Moscardó, they have prepared an exclusive and limited edition of serigraphy on wooden case covers from Clos Galena. Each case contains 2 bottles of prestigious ecologic wine Galena, which carry the same label printed on the wooden cover. All editions are limited to 500 units and have a certificate of originality, serial number and signature of the artist.
This project was presented in December 2016 at the museum of New York City as an exclusive collection of “Art, Wine & territory”, promoting the essence of Catalan culture and character of the Priorat region.
In addition, Galena is an official wine during events held in Reus – Capital of culture 2017.

Label Author: Didier Laurenco

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