Blanc d`Orto Brisat


Orto Vins

Appellation of Origin

D. O. Montsant



Grape varieties

100% Garnacha blanca

Age of vines

40 – 70 years



Alcoholic grade



700 – 1200 bottles

White Garnatxa is a rare grape in the D.O.Montsant. The vineyards of Orto Vins made a very unique selection of wines that reflect the character of the white garnatxa of the 5 plots near Masroig (area of cultivation: 2.4576 hectares). The substrate on which the vines are grown are mainly calcareous soils with a predominance of clay and gravel. The vineyards are located at a height of 90 – 300 meters above sea level and in a varied terrain (sunny slopes and valleys with shade and high humidity). Year of planting of vines: 1940-1976.

Blanc d`Orto Brisat – The rest of the must that is mixed with the skins, grains and part of the rapa of the grape is allowed to ferment instead of pressing it immediately. On the third day, the fermentation is continued in 500 liter barrels. Mature 6 months on lees and each month is done batonage. Intense color with golden shine. Aromas of apple and ripe peach with notes of anise and spices. In the mouth intense and creamy dairy flavors with a well balanced acidity that brings expressiveness to the wine.

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