Vins de Pedra

Vins de Pedra is a very unique project from the Conca de Barberà appellation, created by Marta Pedra. It is one of the most dynamic projects in the region where Marta’s passion and experience are reflected in her unique wines. Each wine is very well designed to convey the terroir of the region and the character of grapes like Trepat, the native and exclusive variety of the Conca de Barberà appellation. Marta’s great-grandfather was an oenologist in these lands in Tarragona and worked with several wineries to elaborate wine. This family tradition was transmitted to Marta with her passion for the land and the vine. Her memories of childhood are the smell of fermented wine, wine-stained hands and the characteristic noise of the labeling machine. Already when she was a child, when she was walking through the ranks of strains, she already felt this emotion in the land around her and she knew the path of her life. These memories and family tradition influenced Marta’s professional career and the extraordinary character of her wines. Vins de Pedra is a dream which became true, a beautiful project full of love and passion, where each wine is unique and has its own story.

“In her vineyard Marta takes care of her wines as if they were very singular elements of art. We are not referring here only to the content of the bottle, but also to the labels which are specifically dedicated to each wine by the artist Víctor Pedra, uncle and godfather of Marta “.

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